Thursday, June 21, 2012

When angels fall

Even the ski looked merciful, that rainy day when Azrael felt from Heaven on a muddy field. His body and his colossal wings all covered up in mud lay motionless on the ground. First thing he noticed was that his wings were very heavy - heavier than Heaven and Earth together. He tried to move them, but he couldn’t. He opened his eyes and look around him. Tears were falling from his eyes, so he could not see. He was twisting and turning into the mud, frightened, bewildered, hurt, and very cold. “Angels are supposed to protect humans, we are not allowed to fall in love, Azrael, what were you thinking!” the Father’s angry words seem to be part of a distant past, of a distant universe. Poor Azrael is now lying injured in the cold mud. “I need to get up, I need to get rid of my wings”, he yells. He pushes himself up with all his strength. He manages to stand up, but he is shaking. “I just need to get rid of my wings, and no one will ever notice me, I need to find my beautiful human”. He walks slowly, dragging his dirty wings though the muddy field. He takes faster and faster, and then he starts on running. He wonders how many angels run though the same field before, how many of them gave up their wings for love. And he runs faster and faster towards the horizon.