Thursday, November 11, 2010

A common affair

They've met randomly one fall night. "I would like to see you again", was one of the first things he said. They were nor friends nor lovers for a very long time. They are so different, no one would understand. They became lovers only because they were both a little lonely. He found her very attractive. She was flattered. He was empty. It's strange, but if they cut him open they will only find emptiness inside. There is no blood, there is no love, no fear, no hater.
They were never in love, but their bodies could not live apart. She sometimes wonders how it is possible to feel so in love with someone within the boundaries of his bed, and feel nothing at all once you step out, naked and cold. At one point they became close friends. They would laugh and talk for hours about everything, and then make love again. There was not jealousy between them. How could it be, when they lived in a world of two all those countless nights. He could bring her to the boundary where two bodies turn into one soul.
After many months, one morning it simply ended. She walked out, knowing that she will never come back there. There were no slammed doors, nor tears, no regrets. She missed him for a little while. She even thought that she loves him and might not be able to breath without him. But everything vanishes, everything dies. And that was it.
He probably has another her next to him, and she loves someone else. One day they will get married with different people, they will be part of others' stories, they will fall in love, suffer, laugh or cry. They will move miles away, or live on the same street. They will never see each other ever again, or perhaps they will bump into each other tomorrow morning at the coffee shop.
Their story is simply like thousands of other stories that are taking place between close doors every night, stories that can not be understood nor accepted by people and circumstances. Stories that will be be forgotten and erased by time, but stories that are meant to be lived feels right.